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The virtual Webkinz Love Frog, Lil' Kinz, and other Webkins pets are soft, plush stuffed animal toys that come with a secret code. Once the code is activated in Webkinz World, (a social network site for kids) you then adopt, name, and take care of your pet. At this stage, your pet now becomes interactive--a cartoon-like character that comes to life and ready for care. Kids will have exceptional fun while learning educational things with their pet. To learn more about Webkinz animals, Lil' Kinz, and Webkinz World, see Webkinz Love Puppy Review.

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Webkinz Love Frog 2008 New Release>> Webkinz Love Frog
Spotted Love Frog wears a tag with a secret code that is your password into Webkinz World, an online website created for kids! Just activate the secret code and name and adopt your pet. Learn all about it, design a virtual room for it, get KinzCash and buy it food, furniture, etc. Frog is 8.5" in height.

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Note: The seasonal Love Frog stuffed animal is the new 2008 Valentines Webkinz. The Love Puppy was the 2007 Valentines Webkinz and is being retired.

Trend: If we learned anything from the Love Puppy a year ago, more than likely the seasonal Love Frog will retire also. Once this happens, the price is subject to go up considerably--just like the Love Puppy. It's suggested that you buy a Luv Frog now while the price is still low.

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What's the difference between a Webkinz and Lil' Kinz?

...The size and price! The Lil' Kinz is a smaller version of the Webkinz and cost less.

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There are 100s of Luv frog pets to buy here, including different combinations of stuffed animals sold with the Love Puppy. Either place a bid to win a new Webkinz Love frog auction or use the Buy It Now.

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Canada is home to Webkinz, where Ganz (manufacturer) is located. There are 100s of Webkinz Loverfrog auctions daily--just like eBay USA. What you don't find in the USA, perhaps you'll find it in Canada. Place a bid to win an auction or Buy It now.

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